Auction Item Donors


The Rellik Tavern


Shawn & Suwanee Milburn

Total Wine



Christina S.

Sky High

Honig Winery

Bob at Floors on First

Mia Sendlakowski

Pier 39

Melting Pot


Century 16

Denver Airport Marriott

Dr. Nunes –BMS

Pat Hall – BMS

Allen Frederick – BMS

Mr. Rodgers – BMS

Amber Kelly – BMS

Jennifer Newcomb – BMS

Mrs. Fukushima- BMS

Mr. Altman- BMS

Mrs. Nelson – BMS

Mrs. Shishido – BMS

Mrs. Oleary - BMS

Vezer Winery

Wooden Valley Winery

Back Road Vines Winery

Jacuzzi Winery

Concord Pavilion

Double Tree Suites, Nashville

David McGee

Rachel McGee

Heather & Victor Vitale

Matthew Fontes

The Westin, Irving TX

One House Bakery

Amy De Lago

Yarnell Family

Jouvenot-Sells Family

Iona & Peter Morgan

Le’s Beauty Salon

Chavez-Bogard Family

Platypus Tours

Spirit Works Distillery

Mike Taxara

Marriott Rancho Cordova

Napa River Inn

Lindsay Glass



Main Street Benicia

Eliana Kelly

Another Chapter

Aubrey Largasparda

Dao Lentz

Pizza Pirate

Debbie McQuilkin

Richard Bortolazzo

Farm & Flour

Tamara Glaich – Stella & Dot

C & C Auto 

Amber Clemons

Pedrotti Ace Hardware

One House Bakery

Yoga House

Tip Tap Toe

Twisted Sister

Bella Siena

Miriam Wilcox Adrean Hayash

Gott's Roadside



One House Bakery

We are very disappointed to announce that this event has been temporarily postponed due to precautions relating to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are heavily invested in this event and are working hard to reorganize for a later date. We thank you for your patience as we all work together to make the best decision for our community.